Team Highlight: Wade Brown, Project Manager

Think’s Project Manager, Wade Brown, has a passion for MythBusters and a knack for being the liaison between our awesome clients and the departments at Think.
Ever called the Think office or sent us an email asking for work? More than likely, you’re talking to Wade!
As a project manager, Wade coordinates teams and individuals to create, write, and deliver work such as digital marketing campaigns, website builds, collateral, and more!
“I enjoy getting to be involved with most of the projects we produce at Think,” Wade says. “One of the best aspects of my job is being able to see all the creative work and processes we have here.”

His Role and COVID-19

As the Think Team has been working remotely, Wade has been holding the fort down at the office and is classified as an essential worker. Because he’s working by himself, Wade offers a few words of advice and encouragement:

  • Follow a Schedule
  • Pace Yourself
  • Make Yourself Available
  • Hang In There!


Wade’s #1 Rule for Working with a Remote Team:

Communication is key!
“Communication is absolutely critical. You need to make sure that everyone is getting all the information they could possibly need!”
To communicate internally, we’ve been harnessing the power of G Suite for Business to collaborate through email, chats, and Hangouts as well as some pretty sweet project management software. Where our clients are concerned, Wade has been busy managing our office phone, scheduling, and attending a variety of video conferences in place of our in-house meetings — It’s almost like we’re still at the office!