Working Remotely? Check Out the Benefits of Harnessing G Suite for Business

Like virtually every other company during these strange times, your friends at Think are working remotely. How are we doing it, you ask? Through one of the most powerful tools in collaboration and productivity — G Suite for business.


What is G Suite?

G Suite for business serves as an integrated suite of secure, cloud-native applications owned and powered by Google itself. With us and G Suite, you and your teams have the ability to:

  • Create custom Gmail addresses
  • Create Docs, Slides, Forms, and More
  • Store your files through Drive
  • Organize your hectic week through Calendar
  • Chat and meet through Hangouts

Our standard platform for us AND all of our clients is G Suite.

How We’ve Been Using G Suite Lately

Now that the Think team is working from home, we’ve been relying heavily on the Apps offered through G Suite.
We’ve been starting our mornings with a Video Conference through Hangouts so we can touch base with our projects, hear assignments, and more. Throughout the work day, we’ve been collaborating ideas, giving feedback, and providing directions through Google Docs. Docs also makes it simple to push important assignment assets through appropriate project channels.
Got a question for a fellow Thinker? Just send them a chat or video call through Hangout! It’s quick, easy, and they even have a mobile app available. This makes it convenient for those times where we step away from our computers to grab a coffee refill, and we get a message notification or video call through our phones. Gone are the days of missing important messages!

Some assignments are easier to explain through video conferencing than taking the time to type out every little detail through emails. We like to schedule meetings through the Calendar! That way, our entire team is in the loop on knowing when a Developer is available or not. If we get a Meeting request, but we can’t commit, we can simply say “No, I cannot attend” and then Chat to figure out the best time to try again!
We end our days with another video conference through Hangouts. We talk about our day, show off our pets, discuss updates with our assignments, and get prepared for the next work day!


With companies around the world trying to find the most efficient ways to work from home while maintaining their quality work output, you don’t have to look that far! Save that time you would spend searching for some third-party application. With us, you’ve already got it.
Interested in learning more? Give us a call… We would love to schedule a Hangout and talk!