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From more announcements about Google Plus taking lead over Twitter as the largest social network by active user count to Diabolo spinning kids there have been many exciting releases, announcements, images and videos this week around the web! You’ll find many of the more interesting one’s right here.

Google Plus: No Ghost Town

Google+ can no longer be considered a ghost town with numbers that put it squarely ahead of Twitter by active user count.

Google Plus not a Ghost Town
Google+ Is Now The Number Two Social Network In The World |

Vine Comes to Android

Vine comes to Android, and of course Samsung has one out. Take a look.

Do you use Vine?

Vine comes to Android
There’s a first Vine for every phone. Galaxy owners, start your index fingers. #GalaxyVine

Young Kid owns The Diabolo!

Here’s an amazing video of a kid spinning Diabolo at the International Acrobatics Festival. If you have a few minutes of down time have a look.

Zynga Cuts 18% of their Workforce

Social gaming takes a big hit today as Zynga confirms it’s layoff of 520 employees. This is a significant (18%) portion of their total workforce. To many this comes as no surprise, but to those who love these games it may be surprising.

Zynga Cuts 18% of Workforce
Zynga Confirms That It’s Cutting 520 Employees (18% Of Workforce), Says It Will Save $70M-$80M | TechCrunch

WWDC 2013: Right Around the Corner

Apple’s big event, WWDC 2013, is right around the corner (June 6-10) and although we may not see a game changer (pardon the overused term), we’re likely to see some interesting announcements. Everyone’s looking forward to seeing the new iPhone, but although we’re likely to see iOS7 presented, it’ll probably be September before we actually see the device hit the open market.

Among other things we may also see an iRadio service, that is, if Apple can finalize a deal with Sony before the event. Finally, there’s also rumor that we may see two new Apple smart phones this Fall, but only time will tell.

Apple WWDC 2013
What to expect at WWDC 2013 (video)

Dominate the First Page of Google Search

Internet marketing is gaining prominence for businesses large and small. Ignoring that paradigm increasingly spells irrelevance for companies. As Internet marketing grows so too do the complexities.

This article is a good introduction to some of the more important aspects of Internet marketing.

Dominate Google Search
How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google

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