Tips on Working Efficiently from Home

Working from home can be rejuvenating or it can present you with some personal challenges. How have you been doing?
For many companies, working remotely or from home presents a new type of reality — one with mixed definitions of benefits. It’s important to reflect on the advantages! Agile workplaces who have taken advantage of this climate may notice trends like:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee empowerment
  • Increased job satisfaction

Some of the hardest hurdles to jump include staying motivated, keeping yourself accountable, and maintaining a collaborative spirit. When you personally identify where you or your team may fall short, you’ve taken the first steps to working towards a solution.
To maintain your work ethic and the quality of your work while you’re remote, here are some of our tips.

Create a DESIGNATED Workspace

Sure, you can open your laptop at the breakfast table when your work day begins, but what happens when it’s over?
When we work in offices, we are in “work mode.” A designated workspace has been a key for many of us at Think. It provides us with structure and stimulates our brain to say, “Okay, we’re on the clock. It’s time to get the job done.”
Your house is your home — your escape. It’s your haven of distractions! One of the biggest struggles when it comes to working remotely is to separate yourself and your work from the countless numbers of distractions you’ve got. By recreating your office and channeling that “work mode,” you can have a productive day from the comfort of your home.
Those distractions? Indulge guilt free — after your work is done.

Lists Can Be Lifesavers

Do you create a list when you go to the grocery store? Regardless of whether you make a list mentally or physically, you don’t leave until everything you need is in your basket.
Writing down a daily “To Do List” can help you prioritize like no other and schedule your day like a pro. A simple list can do wonders for keeping you organized and productive. Don’t forget about jotting down small tasks too! It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment which can positively motivate you to keep going.

Prioritize Your Methods of Communication

Now that we are in an age where we can’t hold standard meetings, video conferencing has become the preferred method of in-depth communication. It’s more personal than both phone conferencing and messaging, and can be the most effective way to strategize with your clients or team.
Sometimes it’s great to hear someone else’s voice. That immediate feedback you get when you hold a conversation saves time, and leads to more meaningful conversations.
Email is great for passing along compartmental information and attachments. You also have the added benefit of being able to prioritize your information

Collaborate through Video Conferencing

Email and chat boxes are great for passing information to each other, but with the whole office communicating like this, an inbox can be full in the blink of an eye.
If you find yourself spending longer than 2 minutes typing out directions or asking a question, video conferencing might be the better option. A great brainstorming session usually requires the ability to bounce ideas off each other, talking face-to-face, and in real time.