Think Webstore becomes a Google AppsTM Authorized Reseller

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Google Apps Authorized Reseller

Think Webstore becomes a Google AppsTM Authorized Reseller.  The highly requested Google Apps Premier Edition services for businesses incorporates GoogleTM world class email hosting services, interfaces and spam and anti-virus filtering as a business solution.  This eliminates costly equipment, software and maintenance costs for businesses of all sizes.  The Google Apps suite includes calendaring, business applications (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation), company website tools, file storage, chat and video, all through Google servers.  This “cloud computing” solution is one of the first practical, mainstream solutions of its size with such a comprehensive application package.  Calendars, documents and websites can be shared with other users simply, which used to require applications such as Microsoft Exchange.  Google Apps can be used along with Microsoft Office products for those who aren’t comfortable leaving their Microsoft tools.  Google Apps offers security, utility and flexibility for the business community and eliminates the need to be tied to a single computer to access your data.