It’s Time to Take the Power of Social Media Seriously

Looking to maintain normality as we navigate through unfamiliar times? Let Think help with your social media and brand management.
We have a team who are adept at thinking outside the box for content creation and we understand the technicalities of placing your brand in front of the right audience.
Social media can be a true asset during times of unprecedented disruptions — it has become one of the main avenues of business and personal communication, and a primary source of news and entertainment. How has your business been represented?

The Basics

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know who the main social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
Businesses and brands who really take the time to create relevant and informative content for their ideal target audiences understand how critical this portion of your marketing strategy is because they’ve experienced its results. Users are spending more time at home, which is strengthening the need for alternate means to connect with the world. People need social media more than ever before.

The Process

Think about where you turn to check in on your favorite local business. Did they update their websites with relevant operational information? If not, your audience may turn to your social media pages.
Social media has long been a favorite platform to turn to for real-time updates. Your clients or customers are engaging directly with your company, but are you engaging with them? It’s important to take the time to create well thought out content and prepare it ahead of time. You don’t want your page to feel rushed and thrown together.
Audiences expect to be able to stay updated with your business to learn about company news, exclusive deals, tips, and more. Not every industry is the same, but each business should be active on social media to promote their company, constituents, employees, and communities. Staying active through social media can serve as a great platform to create a connection with your target audience and increase business and brand loyalty.

The Results

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the luxury to prioritize social media management. Time is of the essence, and frankly, not everyone has it.
At Think, together we’ll create catered content to build your brand. If production is an issue, look no further. We’ve been creating custom graphics, engaging content, and video clips for our social media clients for years. They’ve experienced the results. Are you ready, too?