Team Highlight: Craig West, Graphic Designer

Meet our in-house overall aficionado and expert Graphic Designer, Craig West!
Craig West has 30+ years in the working with marketing agencies and graphic design experience under his belt. Craig never fails to bring valuable insights and jokes to our round-table meetings.
“I love working with other creative people solving problems and helping clients become more successful,” says West.
If you have done any graphic design work with Think, you’ve probably gotten back some of Craig’s designs! He makes the hardest design problems seem like an easy fix — he is an outstanding addition to our design equation!

Craig and COVID-19

Besides having a change in scenery, Craig doesn’t see a difference from working from home than working at the office. As a creative who is well versed in our industry, he stays on top of his task list and makes sure his email inbox is clean. As a graphic designer, Craig stresses the importance of CONSTANTLY checking your emails, chats, and phone calls — You never want to miss that call from our Project Manager!
Craig uses familiar methods that we can all sympathize with when it comes to flattening the curve.
“I have been eating everything in my home,” Craig honestly answers with a chuckle. “I also go outside at least once every hour just to look around and get some fresh air.”
As for the day-to-day, as long as he has an internet connection and a phone, he is operational and ready for work!

Craig’s Rules for Excelling as a Remote Designer:

As our team has been working from home, he offers us a few words of advice and encouragement, and fashion tips:

  • Always stay connected
  • Make yourself available
  • Casual Fridays are still for sporting those overalls
  • Put a smile on your face, people!