New Blogging Campaign for Local Business

It’s time for Think Webstore to start blogging! We have touted the benefits of blogging for your business, some of our own employees run very nice blogs, and now we’ll begin our own ‘blogging campaign.’ These new, twice weekly postings will (we hope) have three effects:

Blogging for Results

Business Blogging Campaign

1 – we’ll make use of blogging, as do many, for Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Optimization (SEO/SMO), just like we suggest others do.

2 – to provide a small study on the effect of regular blogging for traffic to the website of a local business.

3 – the more important point for most of our readers, we’ll begin sharing from the wealth of information that we have gathered from years of our own experience, research, and individual specializations.

Our Approach

To track the success of this campaign, we’ll be gathering some basic metrics up front, and watching these metrics in the coming months. Here’s what we’ll be tracking:

  • Website Traffic Increase (overall traffic)
  • Search Traffic Increase
  • Referral Traffic Increase
  • Direct Traffic Increase

This is something of an experiment to see if a local, small business can increase website traffic by blogging twice a week. There have been a couple recent studies of a similar nature, but these took a more radical approach.

Blogging Campaign

The first of these studies consisted of writing 50 posts in 25 days, so not twice a week, but twice a day. The second study, predicated on the first, decided to up the game even further by posting 150 times in 50 days. That’s a staggering 3 posts per day.

We decided to take a less radical approach, one that we think most small businesses can manage with a little organization, and some persistent work. Our 2 post per week goal will be supported by two writers, and an editorial calendar. Obviously we’re not expecting to see the dramatic traffic increases seen in these other two studies, but we would like to provide a base metric for others wishing to understand the effect consistent content production can have on traffic.


Some of our posts will be one-offs, like this one, and others will grow to be parts of series on various subjects that might interest our readers. We plan to look at topics from Content Marketing to Branding, Social to SEO, and Responsive Design to Business Strategy. We offer quite an array of services here at Think Webstore, so our topic choices promise to be varied and interesting.

Please feel free to leave us comments on Facebook or Google+. Especially valuable would be this – what topics would YOU like to see us blog on?

See you with another post on Tuesday – Topic 1: Content Marketing.