Multi-Disciplined Non-Traditional Advertising Agency
Multi-disciplined approach to process

Think Webstore is not your father’s advertising agency. We break from the traditional mold to provide our clients outstanding service that makes us more than just the traditional advertising agency. Our multi-disciplined process is what makes the difference.

A Multi-disciplined Approach

Our goal is to always make it easy. The solutions to complex problems often seem like common sense when approached the right way. We review essentials with every client to insure we are able to create the right solution using our multi-disciplined process.

Five disciplines we bring to the table on every project include:

  • Business
    Understanding the fundamentals of your business, its drivers and the direction the company needs to take.
  • Design
    Not just pretty pictures, but accurate and targeted designs that communicate the goal.
  • Technology
    Properly applied technology to insure we address audiences appropriately.
  • Usability
    The saying goes, if a feature can’t be found is it usable. It is critical that everything created be easily understood and provide guidance to the user.
  • Psychology
    Psychological principles guide everything where people are involved. We apply psychologically grounded rules and practices that engage audience attention and participation.

Let’s Talk Websites

Aside from television production with talent, websites typically involve the highest integration of disciplines and process. We call this our multi-disciplined process. Of course, we work hard behind the scenes to make it look easy.

research & planning

Website development can be overwhelming. We strive to make it simple. We have four basic steps that result in a professionally designed, custom site.

  • Business Basics
    Our “one big meeting” covers business goals, target audiences, components and design.

concept & design

  • Design Review
    After Business Basics, we will begin design work. Your next step will be reviewing and approving your design.

development & testing

  • Content Ready
    Once the design is approved we will build the site. You will be able to review it again when it is content ready. At this stage, we will typically import any content that is already prepared or exists on an old site.

refine & Launch

    • Live
      When you give final approval, we launch your shiny new site. Ready for impact.