Meet Our Newest Team Member, Lindsey Eubanks

Lindsey works as Think’s Project Specialist! Ultimately, she’s a jack of all trades — She serves as the liaison between clientele, project management, and production, and she analyzes trends for media placement!
If you’ve recently placed media or contacted us about some project work with Think, you might have spoken or corresponded via email with Lindsey. She helps with project coordination and project flow especially during unprecedented times like these — she is an outstanding addition to our team!

Lindsey, Think, and COVID-19

In a climate of disruption, Think has made it a priority to have a planned, flexible, and ever evolving business strategy. And it’s worked.
“Think has hardly skipped a beat in the light of recent circumstances. We meet every morning and afternoon via Google Hangout to discuss status updates on projects in our pipeline,” Lindsey says.
One obstacle she has overcome is that not all media agencies and stations are operating the same way as others. Lindsey is responsible for touching base with their representatives to ensure the needs of specific clients are being met as the team executes projects.

Working Remotely

With the help of MANY Google Hangouts, Zoom meetings, and the occasional long email thread, Lindsey has been able to stay on top of her assignments while pushing some to our project managers.
“Working remotely has required me to step up my ability to communicate clearly as projects progress, and account for more response time.”
During COVID-19, Lindsey prioritizes patience, developing a personal balance, and being able to prioritize time for yourself.

Some Tips for staying Safe and Sane:


  • Discover outlets for disconnect after work
  • Developing a personal balance is important amidst a cultural shift in communication and daily functions
  • ALLOW yourself to step away from the phone and computer — even for just 15 minutes
  • Take a walk

“It’s important to be patient with others as we’re all adjusting. The pandemic doesn’t affect everyone equally!”