I Just Need a Simple Website

“I just need a simple website.”  Famous first words.  While often true, it does not mean that you need a simple “bad” website.  You may become one of the many who finds out that they have spent valuable dollars and have nothing to show for it.

Any website should accomplish specific business needs.  Commonly, those needs can include communicating the image of your company, providing tools for your customers that help them and reduce your staff time, support sales with work and portfolio samples to build credibility, establish reputation, and other business and customer communication goals.  All too often people fall into the trap of trying to define their needs as “simple” and falling prey to a translation of cheap and an ultimately poorly performing website.

There are different levels of website designs.  The most basic of website design services normally involves using pre-fabricated templates and fitting pictures and content into them, often without proper consultation.  The better design services will provide in-depth consultation regarding your clients and business needs and then build a website from scratch to to suite your specific needs.

If you have questions regarding the quality of service you are getting, ask to see examples and request an explanation of the client process used by the company from consulting to delivery.  It is also worthwhile to consider other complimentary services such as visual design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and hosting services.  If you can find all of the services with one provider it can greatly simplify your vendor relationship by giving you a single point of contact.

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