Get the Message Out!!

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Communicate With Your Customers?

Today’s landscape of communication options can be overwhelming for any sized business, let alone small and mid-sized businesses that already feel crunched when it comes to time and resources for self promotion. However, the plethora of options has also come with advances in the technology that can be used to manage those communications.

In Ridgeland, Mississippi, Think Webstore is helping clients face these challenges and understand the tools that make it possible to communicate with customers in many new ways.

According to Bryan Carter, President of Think Webstore, there is no silver bullet. “People often ask what specific message to create for which specific platform,” he said. “They are trying to choose specific technologies to reach specific audiences. But it’s more about opening the lines of communication so that people get your message however THEY choose to receive it. Be that email, Facebook, Twitter or in traditional media. Today’s opt-in approach in the social marketing segments has allowed people to actually ask to communicate with you and your company.”

A year ago, audiences were more segmented and had less tolerance for receiving the same message in multiple formats. But today people (customers) are embracing multiple ways to communicate. And, they don’t mind getting some repeat communications from their different channels. Using social networking channels also means that a positive message can spread far beyond its initial recipients. That said, every communication must be relevant. Otherwise, your audience members will begin opting out.


Your website is still your most important communication hub for your customers. It is the place that defines your look, visuals, content, deep content and messaging.


With the introduction of FBML, Website pages on Facebook have debuted and taken off with vigour. Time will tell how much of ‘The Next Big Thing’ they prove to be. But, as of now, they are having real impact despite having only recently been introduced.

Instead of looking for a silver bullet, try seven. Use each method or media for its strength and don’t be afraid to overlap a little. As long as the message is well received, customers will still be fans.

Seven Standard Ways of Communication for Today’s Business

  • Web
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Phone or Chat
  • In Person
  • Third Party (Referral and Word of Mouth)

For more information and insight into integrating your marketing and communication strategies across multiple media channels, building websites and building new Facebook web pages, contact in Ridgeland, Mississippi on Lake Harbour Drive next to Primos Cafe.


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