External Links in YouTube Videos – A Video Tutorial

Having external links in YouTube videos has been enabled for some very large select YouTube partners for a long time now, but now it’s for everyone. We all want to have better conversion rates, and drive more traffic to our website’s with better SEO. With this new video from Think Webstore you’ll learn how to easily enable this new feature. The process isn’t simple, but by following these simple steps you’ll be adding external links to your YouTube videos in no time. This is a huge improvement to YouTube that will greatly improve your click through rate as
well as your overall SEO.

What adding external links in YouTube videos means for your company is the ability to have direct links from any YouTube video to your company’s website making it easy for potential customers to find your website and products from yet another channel. This ability will greatly increase your click through rate (CTR), which basically means a higher percentage of those who watch your videos will actually click through to your website and be exposed to your products!

This easy to follow video tutorial walks you through the steps necessary to enable this for any YouTube account. Don’t get discouraged by this task, which can seem complicated at first. We’ve done all the leg work for you, and broken the process down into this easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorial. Upon completion your company will be able to external links in youtube videos, and immediately begin reaping the benefits that go along with this new ability.

New video tutorial show companies how to add external links to YouTube videos