Business in disruption. What is your plan for evolving your business strategy?

Think Webstore: Evolving your business strategy in times of disruption

COVID-19 has rocked the economy.
Businesses that are waiting for COVID-19 drama to pass so we can go back to normal are at high risk of failure. Among those businesses that are adapting, some are actually growing.
We have unprecedented resources in place to find a vaccine. People, AI, and Machine Learning around the globe are working relentlessly and multiple potential vaccines are being funded, produced, and trialed in hopes that one will rise to success. Once a vaccine is in place, most of normal will return, but that may be a year or longer away.

Taking the Steps Towards Growth

Even among the hard hit restaurant sector, there are those that are applying strategies that have adapted and are building even greater confidence among their customers. They are not only making money now, they are also preparing themselves for when we do come out of this pandemic.
They are building new loyalty among their customer base and establishing trends in their market that not only make them strong, they are setting themselves up for even greater success once a COVID-19 vaccine is found. This is the same critical thinking that all businesses need to apply.
Until there is a vaccine, all businesses need a plan to operate with COVID-19. That includes plans for your market when more businesses phase in, when case numbers drop, or when they resurge. We may even identify treatments that help alleviate the harm caused by the virus, which will also have an affect on the business ecology.

In a Climate of Disruption, What Are You Doing?

With disruptions, come bursts of innovations. Unprecedented times like the monumental one we’re living in now have a tendency to push us to reflect and evaluate what our business has been doing.

An Evolving Business Strategy

Having a planned, flexible, and evolving business strategy will allow you to quickly make the necessary changes to meet the disruptions in the marketplace — this isn’t something all businesses do effectively. You need to understand the phased changes that are ahead and plan for them. Winging it and depending on luck and wits is not a good plan. What business strategy has unfolded for you as a result of COVID-19?

Google Tools for Working Remotely

In our current phase of “the new normal,” the ability to work from home or remotely has become inherently important to the success of a business. With countless tools and software companies who claim to be the communication solution for you, it’s easy to overcomplicate things. Isn’t it funny how the answer to your problems can be right in front of you? Check out how we harness Google Tools to serve our customers.

Website Updates and Upgrades

Now more than ever it is critical to have a comprehensive online presence. The internet is constantly evolving and it’s important that your business evolves with it! A fresh site with visual appearance and practical functionality will draw and service the right people.
Every year website standards change and they can be very profound. Not everyone has the ability to keep your website updated in-house, which is why hiring an agency who is knowledgeable of the technology, design, content, and marketing can be of great benefit…

Harnessing the Power of Ecommerce

Businesses today are under tremendous pressure to meet and exceed their customers expectations. With nowhere to go but online, what can a business do? Ecommerce offers you the ability to reach customers anywhere at any time, and there’s potential for your operational costs to be cut, too!

Online Marketing

Online marketing was a critical component of marketing strategy before COVID-19. Now that people are social distancing and working remotely it is even more relevant.

Grow your Business

Business growth is not accidental. The Think team brings multiple disciplines to the table for every client. Not sure how to take the first step? Contact us. Think can help!