Connect With Your Customers

Many advertisers make basic mistakes.  Make sure to get your message and your presentation right, or suffer the consequences.

Whenever you advertise as a business you have the opportunity to make a real connection with your customers.  The most powerful connection you can make is through a meaningful message.

There is a tendency in advertising to go for exceptionally clever ways to present company messages.  Unfortunately the focus often become the “clever,” not the message.

Cleverness and pretty don’t count if there is no real underlying value or if they get in the way of what you are trying to say.  We have all seen “over-the-top” advertisements.  They are only effective when the value is communicated.  Some of the best good examples of over-the-top advertisements that work are those at the half-time during the Super Bowl.  These are messages that have been cleverly crafted at great cost and are being presented to an audience that is expecting something over the top to begin with.  In fact, the more over the top the better!  There is a world of difference between Super Bowl moments and the rest of life.  It is also not uncommon for advertisers to run their Super Bowl commercial only at the Super Bowl, then choose to run different campaigns outside of the Super Bowl.

The most critical piece of any advertising is your message. For it to be powerful a couple of things have to happen:

  1. It must be true.  If it is not true, you can do more harm than good.
  2. It must be clear.  If it is not clear, then the message and the opportunity are lost with some or most of your audience.

There is nothing worse for your marketing ego than spending money and hurting your company and brand.

If your advertising is clever, that can be good.  If it is pretty, that can be good.  A strong, clear and true message is critical if it is going to actually work.

Don’t get caught up in the world of over-the-top, “adsy-creative” competition.  Winning local advertising awards does not necessarily win you business. Clearly communicating the value you bring to customers seeking your type of products and services is a tried and true method of success, over and over again.

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