Google Plus Post Ads for Display Advertising
Plus Post Ads
Plus Post Ads

Google’s main revenue stream is from online advertising, so it’s not surprising that they are major innovators in this field. AdWords is the system Google has setup for businesses to advertise online, and there are two main types of advertising campaigns available: Search and Display.

Search ads appear next to Google search results, and Display ads appear on partner sites. These partner sites are called Google’s Display Network, and represent over 2 million websites.

Google is now introducing +Post Ads, and they represent a major leap forward in online advertising. Most people have heard of Facebook’s promoted posts, but +Post Ads take the idea a step further, allowing companies on Google+ to promote their posts to Google’s Display network. Essentially this gives businesses the opportunity to connect with a massive audience through promoted, interactive posts.

Interactive Landing Pages

Watch Plus Post Ads in Action!
Watch Plus Post Ads in Action!

Landing pages are an important element to successful AdWords ads, and to the new +Post Ads. Landing pages are those pages you arrive on when clicking on an ad. However, with +Post ads there’s no need to leave the site you’re on because the ad comes up in its own overlay. Users interact with the ad without ever leaving the page. This means that the ad itself is the landing page, making this an evolutionary leap forward for online advertising.

Given the interactive nature of these ads they provide an attractive value proposition to businesses online. Here are some of the benefits to business:

  • ads are interactive
  • help businesses build an audience
  • businesses can continue to connect with those who have interacted with their ads
  • each +1 of an ad means that content has a good chance of showing in the circles of the person who +1’d the ad
  • only pay per interaction don’t have to pay to display

The ads being interactive is a major benefit because it means your brand is engaging its audience from the initial point of contact. This interactivity can only be had by people with a G+ account, and so you know who has interacted with your brand. Knowing who has interacted with your content allows you to build an audience of interested people with whom to continue engagement. Further, you only pay when people actually engage your ads, meaning that you’re getting a lot of free exposure when your ads display.

The potential here, to build your brands audience, can not be overstated. No longer are brands going to be limited to building an audience of only those who have a G+ account, but with +Post Ads companies will be able to reach out to a far larger audience. Beyond even this the audience you build will be one that you know is interested in your products or services. This is a highly qualified audience, and it is very valuable.

Added Benefits to +Post Ads

Not only are there added benefits to businesses in these new +Post ads, but there are also benefits to the consumer. One of the major benefits to the consumer is in the continued ad free Google+ experience. Given that Google is now able to further monetize its social platform they don’t have the same pressure to advertise directly in their platform as some other social networks do.

Currently +Post Ads are only available to a select few advertisers, notibly Toyota, but you can sign up to be a part of the beta program here